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Hand-rolled drawings and a palette full of colour baked until golden at 24 frames per second.

Cultural Workers Organize

A short video for CWA Canada about the growing wave of media workers taking collective action to improve their working conditions. Since 2015, well over 100 media outlets have unionized. Unions work to win fairness, dignity, and a stronger voice at work. This video shows what’s behind the organizing wave in digital media, how workers organized their unions, and what they won by unionizing.

Decriminalize Now: Akia's Story

A short, first-personal narrative film created for for the HIV Legal Network, about the drug poisoning crisis — and daring to dream of a better future for people who use drugs.

🏆 Screened at the Human Rights Film Festival in Toronto 2021


Satori is a short animated film that tells the story of a petty thief who's faced with more than he has bargained for. Inspired by the misty mountains of Nainital, India, this short was Dewan's thesis project at Sheridan College, Ontario.

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🏆 Vimeo Staff Pick 2012

What is Blockchain?

An animated explainer for CIGI on the technology behind cryptocurrencies: blockchain.

Avocado Co-op

A short animated video on Avocado Co-op, a retail co-op focussing on making sustainable living easier.

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This short video was produced in collaboration with Egg Studios, Halifax to promote an iPhone app by Saskatchewan Blue Cross, Push2Play. The app encourages kids to lead healthier lifestyles through more active play in their days. 

Castle Kilbride

A pre-tour short film about the history of Castle Kilbride in Baden, Ontario. A Grand Victorian home that was built in 1877, for James Livingston, flax industrialist, politician and entrepreneur and now a National Historic Site and heritage museum maintained by the Township of Wilmot.

The Illegal: A Meditation on Refugee Issues

The Illegal: A Meditation on Refugee Issues was designed as an animated invite to a public talk by award-winning Canadian author Lawrence Hill on his new novel. The film was commissioned by CIGI in Waterloo, Canada, the host for the event. 

Discovering the Erebus

A short film promoting a public lecture hosted by CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation) exploring recent discoveries around the mysterious story of the Franklin Expedition.

EuroCup Advert

A series of short animated segments for use in a TV commercial, shot as an animated flipbook, for the Football Eurp Cup 2016.

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